Hello Kabundle!

We are foremost a cable TV company.

We are a cable TV company providing digital cable TV and high-speed and reliable internet service into the same homes that we have been servicing for the last four decades and into a number of business establishments.

Our Vision

To be the preferred data and pay video access provider in our niche markets, driven by excellence and personalized service.

Our Mission

To offer the best possible data and video content, personalized and efficient service to our valued residential and commercial customers in our target of operations.

Our Story

The year was 1970, after a four-year stint in the old Congress, Ramon "Jun" Magsaysay Jr. (RMJ), while working at Gelmart Industries Philippines as a director and officer, was exposed to CCTV technology (closed-circuit TV systems) while setting up with management to forestall pilferage and other security matters in the garment manufacturing plant.

He got to meet and discuss the potential for CATV (community antenna television) with pioneers Alberto Santos, Fernando Morales and ECEs' from Philips, Scientific Atlanta, Jerrold, and finally with Mr. Russell Swartley, the American engineer who was responsible for putting up the first cable TV system in the Philippines, in the City of Baguio in 1969.

Network Infrastructure

The MyCATV as a brand name is comprised of 20 Community Antennae Television or Cable TV (CATV) operating companies, with majority and minority interests under Asian Vision Cable Holdings Inc. (AVCHI), a holdings company established in 1995.

Considered as one of the pioneers in the industry, AVCHI has been in the business of Cable TV since 1973. It is the second largest multi-system operator (MSO) in the Philippines and the second largest CATV company in the Philippines outside of Metro Manila, with MyCATV communities in Batangas, Quezon and Zambales. Majority of the shares are owned by RMJ Development Corporation with Mr. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. (RMJ) as founder. In 1995, after being elected into the Philippine Senate, RMJ resigned as Chief Executive Officer of AVCHI. His son, Mr. Francisco D. Magsaysay, assumed his post since then.