MyCATV is one of the first cable TV companies in the Philippines to offer digital cable TV thru MyCATV Digital. The service was first rolled out in four areas in Zambales, namely Olongapo, Subic, Castillejos and San Marcelino on November 11, 2012. On July 1, 2014, MyCATV completely migrated to a digital TV platform and dropped its analog service in these four areas.

In 2017, MyCATV expanded its digital TV services to its other franchise areas in the Batangas and Quezon provinces.


Revolutionize your cable TV viewing with MyCATV Digital HD. You can now watch shows in more stunning color and clarity, giving you cinematic experience with more than 13 channels available. The subscription package contains a complete mix of the most popular channels that meets everyone's TV viewing preferences.

You can also enjoy FREE HD Channels in all our Digital Cable TV Packages.


MyCATV Broadband offers a broadband solution that focuses on the needs of the local business. Living to its legacy of supporting local community, MyCATV Broadband provides world-class broadband services to help local business owners grow their business and provide better service to their customers. MyCATV Broadband offers a wide array of broadband packages to fit every business need and is backed by a high-quality fiber optic cable network to ensure a reliable delivery of high-speed Internet access. Customers are free to choose from packages ranging from a high-speed dedicated bandwidth to a cost effective burstable high-speed Internet access. This will ensure them to maximize the subscription they pay with their needs and requirement.


MyCATV invested millions of dollars to upgrade and expand our network for the betterment of the local community. We partnered with local and international Internet Exchanges to ensure a fast and reliable access to the Internet. Our network and access to the major Internet Exchanges in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore were designed to support each other to provide redundancy and continuity of services to ensure the delivery of our service level commitment to our customers.

With high quality fiber solutions and optic nodes strategically located within business districts, MyCATV Broadband's growing network coverage is capable of providing businesses with connectivity services through the support of a resilient and robust data network designed and built specifically for enterprises.

Fiber Solution (FTTx)

Features Point-to-Multipoint clear channel connectivity across internet sites. Guaranteed and Dedicated Internet Access.
Speed 10mbps - 100mbps
Reliability 99% uptime

MyCATV's Points of Presence (POPs) in the areas of Batangas, Zambales, and Quezon have redundant links to Asia Backbone connecting to foreign carriers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan to transmit digital information over highly reliable and secure communication superhighways.

Additionally, we have local telecom partners peered with Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PHOenIX) to improve latency when accessing domestic contents.